Soul knows best for us.
Reflection: who cares?
One heart. One life.
Love better laugh!
Ground so stable, roots
so imtimate.
Mistery inside. Infinite
Hide, never hide again.
We here, hand in hand.
Step by step.
Next to
Proud of

2nd week!

#StopCancer #NoMoreLongHair #Donation #ChineseGirlWithBald

I feel good. Life is easy and comfortable with less hair.

Beautiful or not, it’s everone’s view of point.
Different appearance. But important people care and ask.

No questions, but acceptance: understanding or ignorance.

Challenge: I want to show you that being femenine doesn’t mean you need big titts or curves or long hair.

Thank god I’m a woman :)

Changing the world: start inside me.
My body is strong enough to make a difference.
Need to improve mentality.
Need equilibrium.

On my way!

Know your roots,
Don’t get lost.
If you don’t know,
Build your own root.
Grow up and learn,
Your environment teaches you.
If you have bad influence,
Move on.
Don’t forget your roots.
You are able to remember.
If you don’t remember,
Ask your environment.
Feel the pain and love,
Just because you can express.
Express to impress.
Do you see our nature?
Broken roots. Mixed up and ended up without showing their live.
No bloom, no flower, no fruits.
No love to share anymore.
Art and inspiration!

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